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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Welcome and Introduction

Hi. Welcome to my blog. My name is Seng. I am a retiree, and an active investor of Bursa Malaysia.

My initial reason for creating this blog is to save me time and effort. I have been actively participating in Investssmart blog chatbox (http://investssmart.blogspot.com/) for quite a while now. Whilst the owner has ceased blogging, the chatbox interestingly has remained active - a few of the kind members from time to time continue to share their views on various stocks. However, since it is tedious to refer later members to earlier conversations, I decided to create this blog to save me time and effort. Also, I just recently discovered how to post nice pictures, graphs, tables in this blog ... :-) Anyway, I hope you will find this blog useful, and not hesitate to ask me questions, leave a comment or two, or share with me your views also. However, bear in mind I am not an active blogger, and you are more likely to find me chatting at Investssmart chatbox than checking this blog :-)

This blog is called "Fusion Investor". The inspiration came from another blog that I came across briefly called "Fusion Trader", but I am not a short-term trader by nature, and more of a longer-term investor, hence "Investor". "Fusion" because I like to combine more than a single approach to stock investing. In particular Fundamental Analysis (FA) together with Technical Analysis (TA). I wouldn't say I am a TA expert yet since I've always been a Fundamental long-term investor and I continue to be inspired by Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett writings. However, my personal observation of Bursa Malaysia is that whilst Fundamental investors can make nice decent returns, TA traders can do very well also (if not better). Also, I am a deep believer in Buffett's philosophy, that "it is better to be approximately right, than precisely wrong" (there is really no precise TA or FA way), and "there is more than 1 way to make money in the stock market".

Anyway, a disclaimer. I am not a licensed or a professional stock adviser, just a retiree who invests a significant part of his net worth in Bursa. Again, the main purpose of this blog is to share. Please feel free to share your thoughts, as I really don't like this to be a one-way street. Please also exercise your own judgement when buying or selling shares, as I am not responsible for your investment decisions, as it is really your own money at the end of the day.

Happy investing.


Apai said...

hi uncle seng! here's looking forward to more great investing tips!

Maxforce said...

A big hello from Fusion Trader ;)
Shall be looking forward to your posts ;)

kim said...

my sifu seng,

my only comment is thank you. you had covered almost everything that is possible.

ccdev said...

Now we got two fusion mo-fos, nice! The Gunslingers Max and Seng! Long may you guys blog!

Seng said...

Hello all.

With so many positive encouragements and comments, I hope to continue blogging. Thanks for your feedback. (the more comments, the better).

askcfp said...

hi Seng, I've been a financial planner asking and educating people (in Malaysia) to save and protect income with disability plan. Totally agree with your Millionaire Plan. Very small number of people can do or are willing to sacrifice what you've been thru. Almost 80% of my work in financial planning is asking and asking and motivating people to save more and spend within their means. But greed and lack of desire to learn basic investment knowledge e.g. running own biz without concrete plan or invest in expensive stocks or unit trusts and lack of discipline to be frugal is part of the reason people don't have enough for retirement. Or they just don't save and invest long term. And not many actually have 3 to 6 months of emergency fund and would usually liquidate their investments at a loss or forced selling when they need cash. Would love to share your Millionaire Plan with my clients and friends. It's a real good sharing. Keep sharing more about what drives you to save. I'd still drink my Starbucks coffee but drink at home with coffee bean bought take-away. Until I find cheaper and great local coffee, Starbucks is still something I am not willing to sacrifice for my early retirement. Not easy....to balance needs and wants.

Von Siong said...


well done for you- you have create a good blog to share with us :)