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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Lower Unregistered Chatbox Removed

As you will have already noticed, I have removed the previous "lower unregistered chatbox". If you have been following this blog every day, then, you will already know the reasons.

For those of you who don't, my original purpose in setting the chatboxes was a positive one, and it still is. Amongst other things, it is to promote a positive learning environment, to promote constructive discussions of mutual topics of interests, etc. However, it is clear especially in the last fortnight, that it has not only failed to achieve any of these positive objectives, but instead fostered destructive comments.

One individual, who called himself by various names - "snail", "lansi", and later morphed into respected members of the above boxes by calling himself "newbie", "bullbear", etc. - was very persistent in "spamming". He has been spamming persistently - nearly everyday over the last fortnight, as well as in the past. Each spam typically blocks out the entire conversation of the chatboxes with multiple comments of the same message, sometimes up to 20(!) identical comments to completely block out the chatbox, leaving only his spam. This typically happens at least once a day, sometimes twice or even three times a day! Over the last fortnight, easily 80%-90% of the entries are his alone.

I don't keep a copy of the contents of the spams. Suffice to say they are destructive and in no way useful if one is genuine to seeking improvement to his investing results.

Actually, I thought that some of the spam contents could have been interesting topics of discussions. I invited him to discuss rationally several times. He would ignore and sometimes, even increase the intensity of the spam, personal attacks and verbal abuse.

Everyone in both chatboxes tried to ignore him, but his persistence in spamming eventually got some fed up. Attempts to tell him to stop fell on deaf ears. Kind and generous advices were ignored and received intensified abuse. A few - perhaps out of desperation - gave him a small dose of his own medicine. That made it worse and created a war. If you think I was describing a verbal warzone, you would not wrong - the words used by and to describe lansi are crude and disgusting to say the least.

Whilst I am appreciative of the many supporting comments and attempts to return the lower cbox to sanity, it had become tiring and impossible for everyone.

Chances were given many times to stop or discuss rationally. Finally, after the most patient trying attempt, last night, I let him decide whether he want to stop or face the consequences (that the cbox would be removed if he continued his antics).

When I logged in this morning, he chose to continue his irresponsible behaviour without care nor regard to the rest of the online community. Hence, I had no choice but to remove the chatbox. It is a real shame that he had chosen to do this.

Notwithstanding this, the person is still most welcome to present his views here. All he has to do is to register with me to chat at the top chatbox. And I can still be contacted on my email - fusion.investor@gmail.com - as stated above. I would urge him to be respectful to everyone there. Basically treat others how you would like to be treated. Certainly, irrational and irresponsible behaviour has never been, and will never be acceptable nor welcomed in this blog.

Take care and happy trading!


Mr Tee C.S said...

It's Tee here from Melaka.

I guess its right to limit the chat box to only registered users in order to make the chat more useful to all, instead of receiving spammings only.

Just wonder why people wanna waste their time doing spamming, instead of spending time to trades...?

Seng, its a right move.

Old said...

Hello Seng,

This is Observer here. As you know, I have been following your blog closely, and have been a regular contributor the the lower chatbox. I deeply regret that we have a single rabid dog (snail == lansi == fake newbie == fake bullbear == what else?) like that to force you to shut the entire chatbox down. It is obvious to me, this is the work of one person who is deeply disturbed, whose only intention is to embarass you. If it is any comfort to you, I believe that his claims are mostly if not all faked!

I understand and support your reasons for closing the unregistered chatbox, even though I am a direct loser. I deeply regret to have lost a platform to share with your readers what is really happening in this country that is not reported in the mainstream media such as the Star, New Straits Times and the rest.

Today, Nov 10, is a very important day for all Malaysians. Your readers may not be aware of the BERSIH rally in KL to deliver a petition to our Agong, for a royal intevention in electoral reform, to ensure a fair election process.

Below are some of the news you can read about today's incredible and milestone march. Tens of thousands turned up! 4,000 police were employed to "control" the crowds which are peaceful! Instead the police fired tear gasses and water cannons to undeserving marches!

Some weblinks for your further reading:

Asia Sentinel coverage:

Water cannons fired:

Tear gas fired:

Malaysia Today:

As you can see from the articles, pictures and videos, the march really happened! And the police really did fire tear gas and water cannons at its own citizens.

The question is will you read about this in tomorrow's papers? This march is bigger than the recent Burmese monk march. Will it get front page of all newspapers? Will it get full colored pictures? Or will the Rakyat just see a vague reference as a result of direct government orders to suppress the real news?

Do the main stream papers tells the Rakyat everything?

Buy tomorrow's papers and see for yourself. If the government has been hiding these things from the Rakyat, what else are they hiding? Port Klang Free Zone corruption? Mega Projects corruption? Corrupt judiciary appointments and process?

I realize this is not a direct stock call to buy or sell, but I believe this is of vital interest to all investors of Bursa Malaysia and all Malaysians and the world to know the truth.

I would also like to request your permission to participate in your registered chatbox, and to share with your readers the truth on what is really happening in Malaysia from time to time. I sincerely believe that this is in the interest of all Malaysians.

Thank-you in advance.

Old Observer.

Seng said...

Dear Tee and Observer,

Thanks for your support. In the past I did wonder why he would want to waste his time, and I did ask him why he did what he did, but no response and more spamming & verbal abuse, so, I stopped wondering, and moved on. I've met a lot of people in my life, but the Internet have a way of making certain people to behave in ways that they might not dare to do in real life. I guess what we saw was clearly an act of a coward.

Kind regards,

Seng said...

Dear Tee and Observer,

Thanks for your support. In the past I did wonder why he would want to waste his time, and I did ask him why he did what he did, but no response and more spamming & verbal abuse, so, I stopped wondering, and moved on. I've met a lot of people in my life, but the Internet have a way of making certain people to behave in ways that they might not dare to do in real life. I guess what we saw was clearly an act of a coward.

Kind regards,

Seng said...

Dear Observer,

Thank-you for sharing your interesting comments. In response to your request to participate in the cbox, to be honest, I find your comments very different in content to what I had expected for an investment chatbox.

My only concern is that the content of what you have to say will be too passionate, that it could overwhelm the investing chatbox, and possibly attract negative elements like the lower chatbox. For example, if I allow you to chat there on things like you've posted, what should be my response if I receive queries from others who holds a different view to yours, and also want to participate in the cbox? I certainly have no wish to turn the upper cbox into another war zone.

Especially during trading hours where I appreciate the regulars there uses the cbox directly for their trading decisions.

I would prefer to discuss with the regulars there to seek their positive and negative opinions first.

Perhaps there needs to be some rules drawn up although I prefer not to do this as I prefer not to be an active administrator & moderator to censure contents.

I believe much administration can be avoided if everyone agrees to be moderate and reasonable in their comments, and to avoid negative destructive comments, verbal abuse, swear words, etc.

Let me refer the regulars here to your request - I want to hear their feedback first.

Kind regards,