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Monday, October 13, 2008

Blog Capsule 3: This week's KLCI High

In a light hearted mood this afternoon, someone suggested we take a small bet predicting KLCI high for this week.

The winner gets to be called xifu for a week the next week.

As the nature of the bets are playful, do not take these predictions seriously.

For example, I am speculating that Moolah's prediction is deliberately highest, to prove the point that his call does not have an impact on the market. Similarly, my prediction of 984 was simply because mydreamgetrich thought I would call 948, and I simply reversed the 2 figure to 984.

So, don't take these predictions seriously!

Anyway, for blog capsule purposes only.

The predictions are:
- Ocean = 955
- sleeppy = 958
- ckkuan = 962
- WM = 965
- win = 967
- pk = 980
- elton = 981.15
- Seng = 984
- mydreamgetrich = 990
- naruto = 1001,
- Moolah = 1025 (!)

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