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Saturday, July 5, 2008

SD1 or SD2?

It's now all over the news.

Much has been written about Bala's latest SD2 so, I won't try to write more. Instead, here are some of the links that I found useful in understanding what happened and the bigger picture. I encourage you to look deeper than the superficial, especially the details, the sequence of events, the timing, the press conferences. In other words, imagine that you are the jury, and these are the evidences given to you in a jury trial court. I noticed after the initial black-out, MSM finally improved the speed and extent of their coverage, so the Internet version is useful to compare.

Full SD1
- http://anwaribrahimblog.com/2008/07/03/press-statement-and-statutory-declaration-on-relationship-between-najib-and-altantuya/

Full SD2
- http://rockybru.blogspot.com/2008/07/i-did-1st-july-sd-under-duress-bala.html
- Worthy to mention that in para 3, he retracted para 8, 25, 28, 49-52 ("Najib's paragraph) which specifically refers to Najib (except para 8 which refers to a VIP). In Para 4, he explicitly reverse the statements relating to Najib's paragraph. And in the 2nd last paragraph, he retracted the entire contents of his SD dated 1 July. And this SD is signed 4 July.

PKR's team was shocked, and came out with a press statement here.
- http://anwaribrahimblog.com/2008/07/04/press-alert-press-conference-on-p-balasubramaniam-retracts-staturory-declaration/

Many, many bloggers have analyzed what happened and provided their take there. Some have written more than one article, but I will only link the latest one at the time of writing this article. Below are some of the ones that I find thought provoking. If you have others, please feel free to drop me a comment.

Haris Ibrahim:

Susan Loone:

Malik Imtiaz:

DAP Lim Kit Siang:

Various bloggers:

Of course, Malaysiakini is an indispensable source. Unfortunately, I still cannot logged into Malaysia Today for several days already.

I'm sure by now, some of you have felt that all this coverage is either stupid, unnecessary, completely fed-up, etc. etc. etc. Here are a couple of links that expresses that - http://rights2write.wordpress.com/2008/07/04/enough-is-enough/, http://niamah.blogspot.com/2008/07/and-now-for-something-completely.html

DSAI of course has indicated that there is more evidence to come. He wants to test the resolve and commitment of the present government to do the right thing. Which means the sad reality is that we most likely can expect these issues to drag on. Leopards don't change their spots overnight. In other words, it won't get better tomorrow. It won't stop tomorrow. And so, it is understandable that some will be impatient and want to see this issue stopped overnight as the longer this drags on, the worst it becomes for Malaysia.

But in our rush to return to the "old stable Malaysia", we must remember the sad but inescapable fact, that despite the huge dissappointment with the Abdullah administration after 2004, at least 50% of Malaysians still and deliberately chose to ACTIVELY voted for BN government to continue on the historic day of March 8, 2008.

Yes, at least 50%.

It was an ACTIVE vote of support, not passive.

To these 50%, they PREFER to see BN government continue, not PR.

They didn't want a change in government.

Else, they would have voted for a change.

These numbers are real, despite the vote rigging accusations. For every 1 million voters, 500,000 did vote for BN.

What does it tell you?

Do you think these 50% are convinced of the need to change?

If not, WHY not?

More importantly, do you think if everyone keeps quiet tomorrow, will this 50% suddenly switch and vote for a change in government in the next election?

Isn't the reverse more likely to happen?

That if we keep quiet, more are likely to swing to BN with greater majority on the next election?

Are we not even more fed-up with the extent of corruption in Malaysia?

Isn't our Judiciary corrupt? Isn't our AG corrupt? Isn't our IGP corrupt? Isn't our Police corrupt? Aren't our MPs corrupt? Isn't our Military Intelligence corrupt? Isn't our MSM controlled and biased? etc.

Is the situation improving?

Or is it getting worse?

And if it's getting worse, how can we be quiet?

Some will say that corruptions happen everywhere, so, what's new?

If it happens everywhere, does it make it right?

Ironically, the strongest force in the universe is not love nor hate. It is apathy and indifference.

"Indifference is the strongest force in the universe. It makes everything it touches meaningless. Love and hate don't stand a chance against it. " -- Joan Vinge

"First they came for the Jews. I was silent. I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists. I was silent. I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists. I was silent. I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me. There was no one left to speak for me."
-- Martin Miemoller

Some urged DSAI to stop playing politics and quickly produce evidence so that there is a quick "justice to Altantuya". But is this issue just about one VVIP lying? Or is this issue much bigger than just a single MP?

Haris shared an open letter to DSAI which prompted me to write this article here - http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/07/05/an-open-letter-to-anwar-ibrahim/

The author of the open letter asked for quick justice for Altantuya.

And I will end this article by asking for justice for ALL MALAYSIANS.

Show the world your true feelings this Sunday. March peacefully. As you are there, always remember that a peaceful march must be your first priority. Remember the only message that you need to send to the entire world is your presence this Sunday, notwithstanding all the intimidations that you will get. Don't be a hero. Never provoke and never retaliate. Violence is never the answer. But the message must be sent. Action speaks louder than words. Being there is the loudest action that you can shout to the government. Let's pray for the safety of everyone.
Remember, "People should not fear the government. It is the government who should fear the People". - Haris (http://harismibrahim.wordpress.com/2008/07/04/people-should-not-fear-their-government-the-government-should-fear-the-people/)

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