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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Al Jazeera Documentary on ISA

If you prefer to watch a video on ISA than read about the ISA, then, this you-tube video is highly recommended.

Interestingly, this video is dated 9 Sep, which is just 3 days prior to RPK, Tan and Kok's ISA detention yesterday.

For me, what I took away from that video (coupled with my readings and understanding of the ISA) is that the ISA detention law is truly draconian. It strips away the basic, fundamental human rights in many ways once someone is detained under the ISA. It puts far too much power on a select few in the ruling government to decide who is a threat to national security. As the comedian said - if I don't like the colour of your hair and detain you under the ISA, there's nothing you can do against that. And worse, the grounds for the detention can never be challenged in a court of law. Furthermore, detention can be indefinite. Literally, if you are detained under ISA, the fate of the rest of your life rests in the hands of a select few, namely the Home Minister and the Prime Minister. Which means for the rest of your mortal life, if you seek freedom from ISA detention, then, they would be your God as long as they remain the ruling government.

Every right thinking Malaysian must ask for the ISA to be abolished or amended substantially so that fundamental human rights are still preserved. I don't know if the latter is possible, but human rights groups all over are calling for ISA to be abolished completely, and to be replaced with existing, more transparent laws.

If your streamyx connection is slow, pause the video, and it should continue to download. Go away, do something else, and come back later and play it.

People & Power - Malaysia's Internal Security Act - 9 Sep 08

1 comment:

jasonred79 said...

Of COURSE it is moral for MPs to leave a party, cross over, etc.

However, their REASONS for doing so, in this case, are most likely not very moral.

If they had really wanted to leave, they would have done so long ago.

Instead, they chose to stay on and MAKE ILLEGAL AND UNETHICAL DEALS to profit out of being part of the ruling party.

Their reason for changing over now is no different. They wish to be part of the ruling party. The upcoming NEW ruling party.

You think they would have left BN to join a small little political group with no real power? ... NO WAY. Right?

At the end of the day, I think that there are VERY FEW (if any) politicians who are it in purely for the good of the people, and who are not looking for PERSONAL BENEFITS.