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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

CPO and Dorab Mistry

A little bit dated, but useful for future reference: http://www.palmoilhq.com/PalmOilNews/palm-oil-may-only-benefit-from-biofuels-demand-1/

Palm Oil Trader, Dorab Mistry, claimed to "have had a very good run over the last 30 months with each of my crude palm oil price forecasts coming true".

It's a well written article, mentioning a lot of interesting facts and factors potentially affecting CPO prices. It even has a prediction on future CPO prices, which most CPO traders would be interested in.

"If crude oil prices stabilise around US$ 100 per barrel with a 10 percent range, then I believe CPO futures need not go lower than 2200 Ringgits for the next few weeks. At that level we should see strong demand growth. Soya oil, on the other hand, needs to decline in price substantially from its current levels. If biofuel use of vegetable oils was not around, the price level would be unthinkable."

Enjoy the article.

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