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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"The Rumour of My Death have been greatly exagerated" *grin*

I think it might have been Mark Twain who first said it, but the quote has been around for a long time. *smile*

Some of you will know that I've been away from this chatbox over the last couple of months because I have been trading the US markets on an intra-day basis during this time.

I've also been a prolific writer in my Fusion 2 blog, writing about Intra Day trading in the US markets, and US and global markets in general, mainly with lots of tables and charts. They are mostly copy and paste from a variety of sources for my own personal future reference.

I appreciate that as a result of shifting to trading US markets, this chatbox has been quieter in my absence.

Naturally, I do have some regrets, but at the end of the day, I really can't help it, since as it always have been the case since I started blogging, that the chatbox and this blog is always a secondary consideration. I've always viewed blogging and chatting as something fun and enjoyable thing to do, and perhaps, shares my own honest views with the investment community which I hoped may have been beneficial, basically trying to do something worthwhile and interesting whilst trading during Bursa trading hours. However, now that I'm trading the US markets with a completely different time zone, and I also do have other life priorities besides trading, something has to give, and I guess it is this blog by default.

However, not all is lost. Think of it like the old days before I had a chatbox and just a blog of articles. If I do find things of interest to write about, then, I will try to pen it here, although it might not be very frequent. The difference between this blog and Fusion 2 is that this blog is primarily on Trading/Investing in Bursa, whereas the latter is mostly focused on US markets and Day Trading.

My hope is that this place can continue to be a place where everyone will feel free to discuss investment matters in a mutually beneficial and constructive way. To a lot of extent, in my absence, it will become a reflection of the investment community, i.e yourselves. And if it's quiet, then, we all know that we are all generally shy Malaysians *smile*

Anyway, as always, good luck and best wishes in your trading and investing.

Until the next article!


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