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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Why can't our Police be more Independent and more Professional?

In the scheme of things and all the abuses that the Police are accused of being guilty of, this particular case appears minor. But looks can be deceiving. It speaks volumes of the lack of independence and the lack of professionalism of Malaysian Police force.

The article here - http://m.themalaysianinsider.com/articles.php?id=19109


Bar slams police for questioning Perak Speaker

By Debra Chong

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 24 – The Malaysian Bar Council has denounced the interrogation of the Perak state assembly speaker by the police.

Its president Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan said yesterday's police questioning was “ill-advised” and “violates the doctrine of the separation of powers in the legislative assemblies”.

“It’s setting a dangerous precedent because the Speaker cannot be interfered with,” she told The Malaysian Insider today.

“He enjoys certain privileges and immunities under the Federal Constitution and certain enactments in Perak,” she added.

Ambiga explained that the implications of the police’s action is very dire, even if the questioning appears to be a routine procedure.

“Once it starts, no legislative assembly is safe anymore. No speaker will have the freedom to carry out his functions and duties as speaker if he is subjected to questioning by outside forces,” she said, noting that V. Sivakumar was called in for questioning in his official capacity.

“Unless respect is given for certain basic, core principles, if anything goes, it will not promote the rule of law,” Ambiga concluded.


Comment: The concept of democracy, the concept of separation of powers, the concept of Parliamentary immunity and privileges are very clear in a true democracy. The Police have every right to question V Sivakumar in relation to say a murder investigation, or a robbery investigation, or any other criminal investigation, but they have ABSOLUTELY NO RIGHT to question V. Sivakumar in relation to his performance as the Speaker in Perak State Assembly. V. Sivakumar does NOT report to the Police, the Police simply has no jurisdiction in this area!

The obvious question is why does the Police do this? Why waste public funds and resources to question V. Sivakumar in relation to his role as the State Assembly Speaker? Why not go after the REAL criminals and solve real crimes?

Who directed the Police to do this?

Why intimidate the Speaker in this way?

Imagine if you are a businessman. Imagine one day, a gang of 100+ summoned you to visit their office for questioning. They did not send 100+ people, but just a couple, but you know they belong to a gang of 100+. They question you on your business. Wouldn't your first question be why are you questioning my business when it has nothing to do with you and I have not broken any law? The analogy is very similar to what's happening to V. Sivakumar!

Is our Police Force simply unaware that they need to be independent of politics?

This may seem like a minor issue - and those in Power wants you to think it's a minor issue - but when Rakyat continues to NOT stand up to defend the role of the Speaker, then, don't act surprised later when Malaysia loses its democracy. Every daily act like this - however small - chips away slowly but surely at our country's democratic system.

Some say, Malaysia has lost her democracy 2 decades ago. How will she regain her democracy, if this type of mentality continues?


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