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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tidying Up the Chatbox

Just a short note to let you know that for this New Year, I have decided to tidy up the cbox users - there are far too many dormant members whom since registration, have never activated their accounts, so, I've just decided to delete all of them. This brings the number of users down to below 200.

Also, since the chatbox belongs to me, and I have a certain objective that I want to achieve with the chatbox before the subscription expires in 2010 -- and they primarily focus on encouraging a positive and constructive atmostphere -- I have also taken the liberty to remove a handful of chatters whom - in my opinion - do not reflect nor share the same positive values. The real world equivalent is like building a fence on one's house, or only letting guests whom you respect to enter your home. In the past, I have clearly been too generous in letting any Tom, Dick and Harry enter this cbox, and sadly, a small handful have chosen to abuse the privilege. Hence, the door.

Take care, be positive and constructive, and all the best wishes for your trading in 2009!

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