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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Two new chatboxes

As you will have seen from the above, I pleased to have recently implemented two new chatboxes to this blog! I have been toying with this idea for quite a while, but did nothing as I was very comfortable at investssmart blog. I still believe it is an excellent blog, but when I was there recently, there were certain irrational disruptions that started off with targeting me personally. I felt obligated to create a 2nd set of chatboxes to provide the regulars with a backup. That gave me the push to create these. Also, the timing seems ideal - with the current volatile markets, I am more likely to sit out than participate actively in the markets, and so, it seems like a good time to do something else such as improving this blog!

I have purposely created 2 distinct chatboxes similar to investssmart. The top one is intended for fundamental and the more serious discussions. The lower box is intended for technical and other discussions.

If you're new, then, by fundamentals, I mean discussions on Intrinsic Values of the underlying business and related factors. For a better understanding, please see my recent article here (http://fusioninvestor.blogspot.com/2007/07/fundamental-analysis.html). This can naturally be broad ranging since it can cover macro as well as micro issues, global as well as company issues, earnings, valuations, cashflows, income statement, balance sheet, etc. in the past, current, future, short term, medium term, long term.

By technical and other discussions, it can be discussions on historical price charts and volume, support, resistance, moving averages, technical indicators, etc. In other words, the usual TA discussions. Others can be anything relevant to investing, such as psychological, emotional control, money management, etc.

But I won't hold the users strictly to the above. In practice, I noticed users prefer to choose one chatbox, and then, chat there. It is certainly more convenient. But I believe users also have certain preferred styles - either FA preference, or TA preference. If it's the former, you may wish to chat on the Top Box, if it's the latter, try the lower box. For me, I hope to just chat at the top box after things are more settled.

I would also like to mention that there are some readers here who unfortunately, due to their full time work, is unable to participate in the cbox during trading / working hours. Instead, they either review the top box history, or participate after hours. It would be greatly appreciated if the top box is reserved for the more serious comments, and the chatting at the box below.

I would like to share with you a few ideals for the chatboxes. Whether this is achieved or not will depend largely on the community using/residing on the chatboxes, so, it really depends on "the collective us" to make it happen. The analogy I would use is your own community - whilst having a nearby police department helps, it does not guarantee the ideal neighbourhood. To have that, we still need every neighbour's contribution and a collective sense of responsibility to make sure that the community we live in is indeed a better place to live in. I sincerely believe this analogy applies to both here, as well as any other chatboxes.

My ideals for the chatboxes are as follows:
- a place where both novices and experienced investors find it useful, relevant, supportive towards their general investing and trading experience.
- a place where second and additional considered opinions from other participants on certain stocks can be obtained, without fear or favor.
- a place where important business news, analyst and other reports affecting the stocks are shared freely, whether it is just recent earnings results, new stock analyst calls, new major business contracts secured, etc.
- a place to request for further analysis or comments by me or more experienced investors (request subject to availability of time, which is limited).
- a place where we can hopefully, at a glance at both chatboxes, easily see the views of both investors and traders alike, and form a more "fusion" / rational perspective.
- a place where regardless of investing skill, knowledge or experience or any other stereotypes, everyone enjoys being there because of the caring, respect and consideration they receive, and they feel they can grow and proper in their investing skills.
- in short, a place where we are all happy to be at. My wish is that you will find this a place where you find yourself continually learning new and relevant things, because the markets are incredibly flexible. In my experience, everytime you think you've figured the markets out, there's something new and unexpected arising that will knock you down a notch or two. But don't be discouraged. It happens to all of us. And which is why I enjoy investing in the stock market :-)

There are naturally some common-sense guidelines. Be considerate to others - I am inspired by the phrase "do unto others as you would like them to unto you". Bear in mind there are many silent visitors and readers too, besides those chatting. As I prefer to encourage as many participants to join and share views, I prefer each participant to try to make their point with fewer carefully considered paragraph/entry, than a dozen one-liners by a single person to make a point. Naturally, this is not a place to advertise your products nor spam, so, any such activities are highly discouraged. And naturally (and this applies only to just one person so far and not representative of everyone else that I have chatted with), use of inappropriate languages, personal attacks, putting words into another person's mouth, name calling, unsubstantiated accusations, lunatic behaviour, etc. will not be tolerated here. :-)

Otherwise, I wish you all the best, and Welcome to my chatboxes. Look forward to chatting with you!


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