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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Welcome Boon!

Yesterday afternoon, the chatbox has another pleasant surprise, with - Boon - from Trade Bursa Malaysia - dropping by to chat.

I believe most of you knows Boon, but for those of you who don't have the privilege, Boon is the author of another highly instructive and popular investment blog on the web - http://tradebursamalaysia.blogspot.com/. From his writings, it is clear that he is a highly passionate and professional trader, and is very focussed on his trades. He also manages a team of traders. He is currently based in the UK, and trades mainly in the futures indices (Dow, S&P, and Russell 2000).

If you are a trader keen on Technical Analysis, I have no doubt you will have already appreciated Boon's blog. In fact, even if you are not a 100% trader (e.g. yours truly), I am sure you will still appreciate Boon's blog. If you are a new investor, you will be immediately struck by the dual simplicity of his trades, and confusion - that you're not quite sure how he does it. Don't believe me? Try this simple and short exchange in his live trade with Maxforce - http://tradebursamalaysia.blogspot.com/2007/07/5k-to-250k.html I don't pretend to fully understand that trade to the extent of being able to duplicate it, but it's clear his understanding of trading goes for beyond merely simple TA indicators like MACD. And his exchange definitely inspired my August 17 chatbox and trade.

I have many favorite investment books, and one of them is by Jack Schwager called "Stock Market Wizards" published in 2001. This is basically an excellent book with interviews with America's Top Stock Traders. In there, you will see many higly successful traders (with high double-digit, or triple digit % returns spanning years, some even longer) who developed their own unique trading systems that clearly went beyond textbooks. Also, it is not uncommon to find some of these traders previously being grounded on Graham and Dodd. To me, Boon is no different - he has his unique style of trading, and continues to be inspired by the writings of Buffett (and James Simons). And there is no question that he reads Soros, another one of the Master investors - http://tradebursamalaysia.blogspot.com/2007/08/george-soros-reflexivity.html

I can probably go on and on writing about the things I like about Boon's blogs, but I think it's better for me to stop here, and let you visit his blog yourself to do a deep study of his past writings. I don't think Boon likes to have followers who follows him blindly. He doesn't try to defend his stock calls, and instead listens to the market. He is constantly aware of the risks of trading, but being human, also makes and admits his mistakes, and more importantly, learn from his mistakes in order to not repeat them.

A quote from his blog profile: "Most new traders win in their first couple of trades. They are very careful when they are new to the market and it takes them months to research and to think of what to buy. As time progresses, they become sloopy and want to do 5 trades in a week! This is when things start to go wrong. The worst is they have forgotten these 3 very, very important prerequisites -- (1) risk awareness; (2) planning; and (3) patience. Be a responsible trader, only trade when you knew you can win!" - Boon, Trade Bursa Malaysia blog. (Large font underline mine - note the past tense "knew" - this is a sign of someone who already knows that he will win, before he puts on the entry trade since he has already planned his exit).

On that note, please join me in welcoming Boon to this chatbox! Like Moolah and Dali, I am sure Boon is very busy, and I hope from time to time, they will be able to join the chatbox to share their views and wisdom with us.


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Boon said...

Many thanks Seng! There aren't many good quality blogs around about Bursa Malaysia, yours is one within the minority that I care to read. I like your top cbox very much too. I think you have successfully created a culture that encourages good discussion. Was away during last weekend and didn't manage to leave this note until now. All the best!