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Monday, August 13, 2007

Welcome Dali!

We have another pleasant surprise this afternoon at the chatbox - Dali, the prolific author of the popular Malaysia Finance blog, has kindly dropped by the chatbox! Unfortunately, due to a family medical matter, I had to send someone to the hospital, and couldn't stay on to participate in the chat :-(

If you haven't visited Dali's blog before, I think you have the privilege of being a rare individual. His blog is highly recommended - see http://malaysiafinance.blogspot.com/. Do visit the blog, and you'll know what I mean.

To me, I would put Dali and Moolah right up there in terms of investment blogging. Dali is truly a prolific writer and a hard worker. I really don't know where he finds his energy and inspiration from but he blogs nearly everyday, and sometimes, several articles a day! Whereas yours truly who would be lucky to average once article per week! He has built up a large readership, in fact, reading both his blog and Moolah's has become one of the regular things that I do every morning, just like having a cup of coffee for breakfast. I don't know if coffee is necessarily a good thing for me, but I thoroughly enjoy it! And I intend to continue drinking coffee and do the things that I enjoy doing (including reading Dali's blog) for as long as I live!

One of the things I enjoy about Dali's blog is not just his unique investing and writing style, but his viewpoint. The immediate impression I get is "an original artist" or a "master painter". If you browse through his past articles, you will quickly get a sense that here is a guy who reads extremely widely and writes truly thought provoking articles ... and he's not afraid of saying what he thinks, even if he risks being wrong about it. And to be honest, I find myself constantly being provoked thought-wise, which is a good thing ... I believe one can learn a lot from Dali, if one adopts a critical view towards his articles, and constantly ask questions such as "have I considered this point before? What could be an alternative view? On balance, which is the better view?, etc.". As with all investors, Dali has made his share of mistakes too, but that doesn't detract him from continuing to write and invest in his highly original style, and you shouldn't too.

On that note, please join me in welcoming Dali to this chatbox!


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