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Thursday, January 8, 2009

An enigmatic blogger

Enigmatic comes from the word "enigma", which means several things, one of which is "something hard to understand or explain".

Anyway, let me just show you the facts, you can then decide for yourself how to explain this enigmatic blogger.

1. Unsolicited email from "oskstaff".

"oskstaff" is one of his many and favorite pseudonames. From above, you can see that I have managed to archived at least 90 emails from him.

Actually, I have received more emails from him, but some I have deleted before I discovered the "Archive" tool. Just one click, and it is removed from my Inbox. As they say, out of sight, out of mind. And he obviously knows this, which probably explains why he keeps sending me emails around 7 to 8 a month. Quite regular as you can see.

My rough conservative estimate is that he's written at least 100 to 120+ emails to me. Probably more.

All of that is unsolicited, meaning, I didn't reply at all, save for perhaps a couple of times in 2007, when it became obvious that I wasn't going to obtain a reasonable response from him.

2. Unsolicited comments to my blog from "okating", "okachuan", "FA investor", "CPO trader", "peaceminded", etc. and just today, in my own email from "obbserver obbserver".

This one, I didn't manage to consistently archive his comments since mid 2007. Most of his comments via "okating" were deleted. But from the screenshot, you can see that I received approximately 6 comments in December alone. My own estimation is that it is fewer than oskstaff emails. I would put a conservative estimate at around 30 to 50 probably ... The nature of the comments were spam-like, as you can glean from the screenshot.

3. His numerous blog articles on me

I don't think you need a link from me here *grin*.

As a policy, I no longer visit his blog since last year, except very occasionally when it became a topic of discussion in my chatbox.

According to jason, something like 4 out of 5 articles that he writes are character attacks against me.

I have not counted. But suffice to say that he's written at least 10 to 20 articles about me since 2007? Say once a month? Or more?

4. The comments in his articles.

Again, you can make your own rough guess on how many pseudo names, multiple personalities, and the total number of comments and character attacks he's made on me in all his articles and blog since mid last year. I probably can't count, and you might count a bigger number, but would 100 be a smallish figure?

5.Comments in other chatboxes

In the past, it started with the lower unregistered investssmart chatbox ... I didn't keep tab on how many of such character attacks, but over 100 would be an extremely conservative estimate.

And I understand in other chatboxes as well, there have been similar attacks. Again, I don't know exactly how many, but my guess is 100 is probably a low figure.

Also, I suspect he has infiltrated my chatbox under various names, including Dylan being a recent one, and probably more. The number of veiled attacks by Dylan is say 10, although the total is probably more.

6. Total

Conservative estimate is around 100 (oskstaff) + 50 (my blog comment) + 20 (his article) + 150 (comments in his article) + 100 (investssmart chatbox) + 100 (other chatboxes) = 520 plus, to maybe 1000?

That would make that an average of at least one character attack every single day since mid 2007?

Does this guy believe in "karma"?

6. Interpretation

Here's my own observation and interpretation.

1. This guy is definitely much more persistent than the average individual by a long shot.

For comparison, if I want something from someone personally, I might send an email. If I receive no response, I might follow up to see if he has received it. After the 3rd time, I would probably give up.

I doubt any reasonable person would attempt 10 times to solicit a response.

In comparison, this guy tried over 500 times!

How do you explain such a character?

2. I do receive spam emails unsolicited, like everyone. However, when I compare the direct marketeers efforts, they really pale in comparison to this blogger.

Serious. In my entire life, I have never received so many spams, that comes close to this guy. In my book, if there is such a title as the Master Spammer, this guy deserves the award by far. Direct marketing companies should try to interview this guy to see what drives him to do what he does, to see if they can learn something useful from him.

3. What intrigues me is would Master Investors and Traders do what he does? What about the genuine bloggers?

For example, Buffett - would he do what Sam does? What about Charlie Munger? Peter Lynch? John Bogler? Jim Rogers? and thousands of the other Master Investors?

What about the world's top traders? Jesse Livermore? Nick Davies? Jack Schawager?
Mark Cook? Mark Minervini? Richard Dennis? Bill Eckhardt? Curtis Faith? Ed Seykota? Richard Donchian? and thousands of the other Master Traders? Do you know if even a single individual behaves like Sam?

What about our top investing bloggers here locally as well as overseas? Does Dali behaves like this? Moolah? Alex Lu from nexttrade? The Admin from Bursa Trading Ideas? Stocktube? The Admin from tradesignum? Boon? Bullbear? Ben from Wisdom Wise? Does any one of them behaves like Sam?

Yet, Sam claims to have an investing record that beats all of them by a mile!

Does the world's greatest investor and trader behave like this, to this extent, with at least 500 plus character attacks against a single individual like me?

Let me say this upfront. My own result does NOT match any of the master investors and traders that I have listed here. My blog is just a shared journey with like minded individuals. If I can assist others, I try. Sometimes, I may be happy and show my happiness like the rest. But why is this guy spamming 500+ times, and attacking a relatively insignificant and small fish like me? Even doraiddd has stated many times that we are all relatively small fish here in Bursa.

Although not the main reason, but one of the reason why I have recently stopped chatting in my own chatbox, and chatted perhaps a bit more at CPCB chatbox is due to this guy.

Honestly, it simply turns me off to have to deal with this guy daily.

And I'm sure it turns many of the others off too.

Ok, maybe that's an excuse - there are other reasons why I've been absent lately, including trading midnight and sleeping in as I experiment more with trading US markets - but it would be an easy reason to stay away from my own chatbox due to this guy.


Anyway, it feels good to share these with you. I have been keeping this away from you because it is really not relevant at all if you wish to improve you own personal investing results, but keeping it bottled up is also not a healthy attitude.

And then, there is this issue about having a moderated vs an unmoderated blog. I trust by now why you see the need to have a moderated blog. An extra hassle, but a necessity if one wishes to keep the spam away. Sadly, all his 500+ comments are not really related to the topic.

Anyway, my small wish for 2009 is that hopefully this guy - after reading this article - will take a step back, and re-look at what he's done over the past couple of years.

The true Masters have many strengths, including the ability to reflect and see the bigger picture.

They would be sensitive to the effects of losing emotional control on their trading results.

They would be the first to understand the impact of greed, fear, and other strong emotions such as hating someone to this extent, and how such emotions would impact their own personal results.

No,I'm not referring to his published result - that I know is not his true result but his job.

Definitely, my own results have been adversely affected by this guy as well. I would be lying to you and to myself, if I were to publicly say that this guy has not affected me over the past couple of years - there are definitely times when I shouldn't be thinking about him and focused on the trade instead and sometimes, I didn't manage to focus as well as I should. But the positive side is that he has actually and indirectly spurred me to become a better trader - my own pocket is always my first priority and focus. And looking back since 2007, I can see the improvement in my trades, although my own results have not reflected that potential - probably, this is similar to most people. We always have room to improve.

Anyway, do you think it is too much to ask that this guy take a step back, reflect and review his actions over the past 2 year? And then do the right thing?

Too much to ask I hear? *grin*

No bets please *grin*

But seriously, and sincerely, my daily wish to everyone is "May all beings be well, healthy and happy."


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