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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


First noticed it at around $78.x at pre-market. It actually made it to the Active List too, which is why I first noticed it.

Searched the news, and noticed Yahoo carried an article on it about how it doubled its Q1 earnings and raises its profit outlook - http://finance.yahoo.com/news/Monsanto-1Q-profit-doubles-apf-13990679.html.

Stock price has battered down too over the past year.

Despite S&P500 opening lower 1.5% this morning, the stock price continued to shoot up. It seems the US players don't really care so much about depressed markets, when there is such good earnings to be had.

Even if one had bought at $78.x after such a run up, it appears it is not too late to buy during pre-market, as the opening saw even more buying entries, to raise it to $85.x in just a few minutes.

This would be an extremely interesting play for the intra-day trader.

In hindsight, it paid off wonderfully, but do you think think this is an extremely high short-term probability trade?

Of course, such a price action is rarely seen in Bursa stocks.

For future reference.

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